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Summer Projects

It’s June here in New England, but the weather hasn’t gotten the memo. As I write this update it’s currently 50 degrees and raining…and has been for the past four days. Wah wah.

May 2017 - Finished off two semesters teaching at Hill House in Boston. I’ll be returning in the fall to teaching tap and ballet.

June 2017 - I directed a short play for the Playwrights' Platform. Written by the gracious and talented Margie Semilof, Mrs. Broomhausen is a wacky, absurdist play in the style of Christopher Durang. It featured the talented Heather Hannon Rufo and Kathleen Monteleone. Kathleen was also given the honor of “Best Actress” in the festival awards.

Summer 2017- #MooseQuest2017 is on. Since #MooseQuest2016 failed to deliver, I’ve extended the Quest into 2017. Feel free to send me your favorite moose sighting spots!




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